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The last few weeks — give or take

1. Senator Cory Booker shares his norm-breaking testimony against the nomination of Sen. Jeff Sessions for Attorney General. Senator Amy Klobuchar also expresses her opposition to Sessions. The Transition Team for President-elect Trump paints a different picture of Senator Sessions’ background and qualifications.

2. Pete Souza revisits his favorite photographs taken in the final year of Obama’s White House.

3. President Barack Obama publishes a final letter to his fellow Americans along with his final public speech as the 44th President of the United States. Michelle Obama publishes her final remarks as well.

4. Vice President Biden shares his final email to The White House staff, reflecting on the last 8 years and an exchange he and his 91-year-old mother shared with President Obama in Chicago.

5. Senator Roger Wicker previews the first 100 days of a Trump administration.

6. Senator Bernie Sanders called upon President-elect Trump to “keep his promise to the American people.”

7. Rep. Chris Stewart makes the case to reforming the FDA and accelerating the process for approving generic drugs to enter the market.

8. Kamala Harris anticipates her new role as a Senator from California, while reflecting on the time she spent as Attorney General of the golden state.

9. Senator Tim Scott celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. and hopes 2017 is a year that brings more “unity, hope, and peace.

10. Senator Chuck Schumer recommits, as leader of the Senate Democrats, to “fight bigotry in North Carolina and across the country.”




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