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On Names

  • Memorable
  • Easy to type
  • Easy to say
  • Unambiguous at Medium
  • Does not have to be an acronym
  • Sounds ok saying: “I’m on my _____ rotation next week”, “Have ____ investigate”.
  • Wellness
  • Availability
  • Triage
  • Bugs
  • Uptime
  • Release
  • Quality
  • Alert
  • On Call
  • Pager
  • Shield
  • Defense
  • FART : First response, Alerts, Release, and Triage
  • ORT : On-call, Release, and Triage
  • Shield : simply guarding the rest of the team
  • ATOM : Availability and Triage Operations for Medium
  • The Watch : c.f. Discworld
  • Five-Nine : Like Five-Oh but for 99.999 uptime
  • QUARTz : Quality Uptime Availability and Triage
  • Medic : just Medic
  • RART : release, alert, release, triage
  • MEOW : Medium Engineering On-Call and Wellness rotation
  • FiRe : First Responders

Englishman in California. Father, engineer, photographer. Recovering adrenaline junky. Founder @ www.range.co. Previously: Medium, Google.

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