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obvious responses

Responses are a big part of the Medium platform and play an important role in tying our growing network together.

1/ counts

You’ll see the counts indicating how many people recommended and responded to a post — right from the stream.

spot the icons and counts

2/ response section reboot

We revamped our Responses section to clearly explain why some are initially visible. We also added some information to the top of each response giving a reason why it’s displayed.

3/ simplified post page

We did a little nip/tuck to our post page in order to present the best information at the right time. We now lead with the author to give them more weight at the beginning of the post, and you’ll notice a tighter footer, which helps to make Responses feel more connected to the rest of the content.


4/ better notifications

Finally, as an author, the notification email we send you when your post gets a new response has undergone a killer facelift. The full response content is included in the email, and we added a one-click Recommend button so you can let everyone know a response is worth reading — right from your inbox.




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katie zhu

katie zhu

psycho but in a chill way. product @instagram, art & other bullshit online.

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