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Members can enjoy curated selections from The New York Times, The Financial Times, The Economist, and more

Basil Enan
The Medium Blog
2 min readSep 8, 2017


Since launching Medium membership, our primary focus has been on funding the creation of exclusive content from talented writers and experts in the Medium ecosystem. Members have enjoyed original pieces across a variety of topics: from an immersive view of a political rally in Phoenix by Dave Eggers, to an expert analysis on the impact of vacant Chicago real estate from school closures by Eve L. Ewing, to a candid interview with indie rock icon Liz Phair by Steven Johnson.

Recently, we expanded our Partner Program to empower writers and publishers to produce original content directly for our paying members and earn money based on depth of reader engagement. Building a system that rewards this kind of content will continue to be our primary focus.

At the same time, in our quest to make Medium the world’s best place to read stories of depth and meaning, we don’t want to stop there. We recognize the amazing, important work that many publications off-Medium do, and we know our members care about these stories, as well. By integrating this content, we think we can create an even more valuable reading experience. So we’re partnering with many publishers we love to bring you a few of their most relevant stories every day, based on your interests.

So far, you can enjoy curated selections from The New York Times, The Financial Times, The Economist, New York Magazine, Rolling Stone, Fast Company, Bloomberg, CNN, Foreign Policy, The Guardian, and many more.

These stories are handpicked by Medium editors based on our members’ interests. All of these selections are placed behind our metered membership paywall, so members get unlimited access and can read these stories without ever leaving Medium. That means personalized recommendations based on your interests, popular features like highlights and responses, and — most importantly — no ads, retargeting, or popups in sight.

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