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Brittany Jezouit
The Medium Blog


Woman working on couch at computer; text graphic in background reads “Ride the learning curve”

For many readers, Medium is a place to learn. We’re making learning even easier by offering group memberships for Medium subscriptions.

We’ve been receiving more requests from organizations — including businesses, nonprofits, and student groups — who want to offer Medium memberships as a professional development benefit or perk for their team. With Medium for Teams, organizations can sign up for Medium memberships as a group, and we’ll help with onboarding and support so your team can make the most of their membership.

Here are a few reasons why we think Medium memberships are a smart choice for teams:

Learn from a community of experts

Whether you’re a seasoned CEO or starting your first job, there’s someone writing on Medium who’s like you — and they’ve shared insights about challenges similar to whatever you’re facing. Give your team direct access to the best ideas on any topic, written by industry leaders and passionate professionals. And with features like comments, lists, and the ability to write your own stories, learning is more than a static reading assignment; it’s an interactive experience.

Chase your curiosity

We know teams are seeking new ways to connect as a team to learn something new, have conversations about hard topics, or build community. Our topic-specific newsletters, Staff Picks, and curated lists are shortcuts to thought-provoking stories to prompt discussion. Membership unlocks access to all stories across Medium, meaning that your team can find inspiration from unexpected places: programmers can dive into poetry, UX designers can learn from creative nonfiction authors, and marketing teams can take notes from pop culture publications.

Make intellectual wellness work for you

There are so many ways to invest in education, but it’s hard to find effective ones that match your schedule, budget, and learning goals. A Medium membership is a flexible, impactful, and affordable way to use your professional development stipend, or to add a new benefit for your entire team. Develop a habit of learning by reading a story on your lunch break, or spend a whole day diving deep into a specific topic — how you learn best is up to you.

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