Medium’s 2015 Transparency Report

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2 min readMar 11, 2016


Here’s our second transparency report. It covers all takedown or information requests received in 2015, including government requests, and the actions we took in response.

Takedown Requests


This section covers requests to take down content based on copyright infringement. They’re broken out into notices and counternotices received under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, other copyright-related grievances, posts reinstated, and accounts suspended.

We review each DMCA takedown notice to make sure it includes all information required by the law. We send copies of takedown demands to the Lumen database (formerly Chilling Effects), unless prohibited by law. Here’s our copyright and DMCA policy.


This section covers takedown requests alleging trademark infringement.

We review and investigate these requests and remove material where the trademark as used will likely confuse readers about its source. We don’t take down valid, legally-protected expression that includes company and product names. Here’s our trademark policy.

Other Takedown Requests

This section covers takedown requests based on violations of Medium’s Terms of Service or Rules, including harassment and privacy.

Law Enforcement Demands

We didn’t receive any demands from law enforcement for user information in 2015.

National Security Demands

As of December 31, 2015, we received no National Security Letters or FISC orders.

Here’s our 2014 transparency report.