Medium Newsletters: A new way to connect with readers

Brad Artziniega
The Medium Blog
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2 min readJun 3, 2020

Four years ago, we launched Letters to help Publications connect with their audience directly in their readers’ inboxes. Since then, we’ve seen the efficacy of this tool for publishers. We’ve also seen opportunities to improve it to help creators better reach and grow their audience.

Today, we’re launching Newsletters: a new way to build relationships and share stories with your Medium audience.

We made Newsletters easy to create and powerful to use. Any Publication on Medium can start a newsletter and correspond with their subscribers directly in their inbox. Publications can now give their Newsletter a name and description, so Publications can let readers know what to expect. For existing Publications, the email audience you’ve already built with Letters will continue on with you when you start your Newsletter. Publications can now share a link to the Newsletter sign-up page anywhere to promote and grow new subscribers more easily. And if publishers want, they can get replies from readers directly in their inbox and have a back-and-forth over email for a more direct connection.

Our Newsletter editor simplifies creations and makes your stories look great in every subscriber’s inbox. Newsletter emails are visible on the website and app so creators can share and promote them to new audiences.

We want to make Newsletters easy to grow and discover on our platform. We’re starting by making it easy to promote your Newsletter across your publication stories. With a single click, readers can subscribe to your Newsletter from your posts.

This is just the beginning of Newsletters and we have a lot more to come. We’re excited to help strengthen connections between creators and readers and welcome new voices and stories to Medium.