Medium names technology and digital media veteran Tony Stubblebine CEO; founder Ev Williams transitions to Chairman of the Board

Sandee Roston
The Medium Blog
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2 min readJul 12, 2022


Medium announced today that Tony Stubblebine will become Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Board of Directors, effective July 20, 2022. Medium founder and Chief Executive Officer Ev Williams will transition to the newly-created role of chairman of the board.

Ev Williams founded Medium in 2012, and has been its only CEO. In the 10 years since, Medium has become one of the largest publishing platforms in the world, serving billions of readers and millions of writers. Previously, Ev co-founded Blogger, which was acquired by Google in 2003, and Twitter, where he was CEO and served on the Board of Directors.

Tony Stubblebine is joining from, where he was CEO of the world’s largest habit-coaching platform. Tony has had a 10-year advisory role at Medium, and is currently Medium’s largest publishing partner, through his publication Better Humans. Previously, Tony was Vice President of Engineering at Odeo (which later became Twitter). Tony is based in Brooklyn, NY.

In his Medium post, Ev says, “Medium has always attracted great talent who want to do meaningful work. I am grateful to the hundreds of team members who have contributed to building Medium under my leadership — as well as the investors, board members, subscribers, writers, and others who have supported us.

“Tony is a builder, a writer, an open-minded thinker, and a keen businessperson. I’m confident Medium will benefit greatly from his vision, integrity, energy, and pragmatic leadership.”

In his Medium post, Tony says: “Every day that I’m on Medium, I fall more in love with this product and with this community. For me, this is the job of a lifetime. The Internet deserves many homes for constructive conversation, and I feel deep pride in being associated with building one of them. It’s an honor to take over from Ev, and I hope to do this job justice.”