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Medium: Diversity and Inclusion

2017 edition

Medians as of December 14, 2017 (minus a few that couldn’t make it to our offsite)

The data

1. Who are we?

Origin: how I got here / where I grew up, Interests: what I like doing outside of work, Skills & Abilities: things I can do both socially and physically

2. Gender

Our survey asked about gender identity as an open-ended question to which individuals could choose how to respond. A small percentage of our company identifies as non-binary. To protect anonymity, we chose not to share the specific statistics.
Most Medians are in tech-related roles.
Senior employees are defined as individuals who are either an executive or are in one of the top two levels of our five-tier internal leveling system.

3. Race and ethnicity

We take our racial and ethnic categories from the required categories for the Equal Employment Opportunity report for the federal government. Individuals are able to select more than one category, meaning these percentages do not add up to 100%.

4. Beyond gender, race, and ethnicity

5. Measuring inclusion

Beyond the data



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