October 2014

A round-up of some of the best things that happened last month

Notable writers

  • President Obama chose Medium to publish an op-ed about technology and millennials. The White House also began publishing reports and updates here.
  • On the other end of the spectrum, Mitt Romney published a love letter to his wife, Ann, on the occasion of the opening of the Ann Romney Center for Neurologic Diseases.
  • Malala Yousafzai wrote about receiving the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • Jamie Oliver published a transcription of his popular TED talk about teaching children about food, while comedian Sara Schaefer published a commencement speech she delivered.
  • There were lots of posts about GamerGate, including one by actress Felicia Day and one by former NFL player Chris Kluwe. Sports publication The Cauldron, which published Kluwe’s piece, ran pieces about football and violence, one by another former NFL player, Carl Banks, and another by Searching for Bobby Fischer author Fred Waitzkin.
  • Journalist Greg Lindsay published an adaptation of his talk at the Aspen Ideas Festival, about how to engineer for serendipity. The Feast, a conference in New York, launched its own collection.
  • Heifer International CEO Pierre Ferrari wrote about the poverty and hunger crisis of small farmers.
  • Popular vlogger Hank Green (brother of John) started blogging about tech.
  • Amanda Ripley, author of The Smartest Kids in the World, conducted a conversation about education with fellow author Elizabeth Green.
  • CNN commentator Sally Kohn wrote about having compassion for people of other political persuasions. Also in TheLi.st’s collection, Rachel Sklar announced that she is 41, single, and pregnant.
  • Warby Parker general counsel Anjali Kumar chronicled the beginning of her spiritual journey, “from Google to God.”
  • The Gates Foundation’s Emily Dalton Smith wrote about children and technology.
  • BJ Novak wrote a teaser for his interview at Medium as part of our author series, Foreword (stay tuned for more on that next month).

Non-profits, groups, and companies

  • Non-profits have come onto Medium in force: Check out pieces by Amnesty International, Robin Hood, Brookings Institution, Malaria No More, KaBOOM!, Accion, EB Research Partnership, and Words After War.
  • On the education front, David Carr’s Boston University journalism class created a collection of brief reported stories.
  • And in companies, CrossFit published a piece about the only CF affiliate in Detroit.

Authors, original pieces, and book excerpts

  • Walter Isaacson published an adaptation from his new book, The Innovators, and explains why he used Medium to get feedback.
  • Steven Johnson created a collection devoted to excerpts of his latest New York Times bestseller, How We Got to Now.
  • Founder of the Equal Justice Initiative Bryan Stevenson published an excerpt from his new book, about adult jail sentences for children’s crimes.
  • Simon & Schuster published a piece from Naomi Klein’s new book about climate change, This Changes Everything.
  • Refe Tuma, whose viral post, “Welcome to Dinovember,” spawned a newly published book, wrote a step-by-step guide to bringing Dinovember into your own home.

Medium publications

  • Matter continued to publish big, ambitious stories, like one by Sarah Topol, who went to Nigeria to get the untold story of six kidnapped schoolgirls who escaped from Boko Haram. Critic Liesl Schillinger debuted a new column on language. Matter published both “the Uber of gentleman companions,” by Julieanne Smolinski, and “Ubering while black,” by New York Times business writer Jenna Wortham. And their Sex Week featured a piece about the economics of being a professional escort.
  • Former Wired journalist Steven Levy launched a new tech publication, Backchannel, in which he interviewed Google’s Eric Schmidt and co-author Jonathan Rosenberg about their new book, How Google Works; Instagram cofounder Mike Krieger shed light on the early days of the photo-sharing app; and Facebook product manager Josh Miller debuted their new conversation app, Rooms.
  • Cuepoint ran two excerpts about Prince: one by Sheila E., on meeting the artist, and another by Alan Light, about the making of Purple Rain.
  • We launched a new photo collection, Vantage, edited by Keith Axline, and a collection that takes you Inside Medium. OutCast Agency’s Sara Blask commented on the latter.
  • Nib contributor Susie Cagle won an Online News Association award for Online Commentary for her piece on the new tech boom in San Francisco.

Check out our list of 100 most-read stories of October.

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