July Update From the Partner Program

Tips from Medium Curation, the Medium Writers Team, upcoming publications, and calls for submissions

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Introducing Medium Writers Team

We’ve started a new “Writers” section in 3 Min Read to share more tips, advice, spotlights, and information for writers. These stories will be shared by a new account, Medium Writers Team. Our very first post is on common problems in curation. For the latest inspiration and tips about writing on Medium, follow Medium Writers Team.

Call for submissions

Several Medium publications are on the lookout for great stories. Read below to see what they’re looking for and submit your stories.

  • Unlikely Success: Don’t forget, plenty of VCs passed on Uber, Airbnb, and other unicorn startups. What’s your story about a product or service, maybe born by accident, that is thriving and valuable? We want to hear about the unloved and laughed-at ideas that became core to your company’s successes — or maybe even spun off into a company of their own. Tell us why they came to be, how they survived despite haters, and why they overcame the odds.

July payments

On July 31, we processed payments for the month of July. As usual, these payments were based on the depth of engagement from our members (distributing each member’s $5/month based on their engagement last month).

  • 7.9% of active writers earned over $100.
  • $22,639.47 was the most earned by a writer, and $6,720.35 was the most earned for a single story.

Words to write by

One way to become a better writer is to write, and write often. For some authors this includes the practice of keeping a journal. In “A Beginner’s Guide to Keeping a Journal,” Anna Goldfarb describes a variety of methods and tips for keeping a journal. There are three guidelines she shares that are useful for getting started or for reinvigorating your practice if you already keep a journal.

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