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The last two weeks in politics

1.Rep. Tulsi Gabbard shares the details of her unexpected meeting with President-elect Donald Trump.

2.After Fidel Castro’s passing, Senator Jeff Flake calls for a continued policy of engagement — not isolation — that will accelerate change in Cuba.

3. Rep. Keith Ellison makes his case for what he would do as the next DNC chair.

4. Senator Ben Sasse responds to analysis from Nate Silver on which senators are likely to support and oppose the president-elect.

5. Kamala Harris recaps her first week in Washington as the senator-elect from California.

6. Rep. Kurt Schrader argues that the Democratic party is at a crossroads and risks missing the lessons they should take away from this election.

7. Senator Elizabeth Warren explains why she cannot vote for the 21st Century Cures bill.

8. Rep. Mark Sanford explains why he voted against the 21st Century Cares Act: a lack of discretionary spending caps.

9. Senator Bernie Sanders outlines how Democrats should go forward after sweeping losses in the 2016 election.

10.Senator Steve Daines promises to fight for Americans’ privacy rights, including stopping the new Rule 41 changes.



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