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Is it OK to highlight your own stuff?

And other highlighting questions

Today we introduced a new feature: highlights

When you see a quote that resonates with you, select it and click on the highlighter. Your followers will see your highlights and can hover and tap to “pile on.” The writer will be notified and know that is your favorite part of their story.

Why highlights?

We think highlights enrich the reading experience and create a new, lightweight way for readers and writers to connect.

For the reader, highlighting makes their experience more social. Readers can leave highlights to share their favorite parts with their followers. Highlights from people you follow can make you notice things you might have skimmed over.

For the writer, highlighting lets you know that your message is resonating with your readers. They like you. They like your stuff. And they like that one sentence in particular.

What do highlights mean?

Highlights can mean many different things:

  • “That is a valid and salient point.”
  • “I would like to save this for later.”
  • “I would like my followers to know how smart I am for appreciating this very deep quote.”
  • “You made me cry just now.”
  • “I just figured out how to highlight stuff and I like this green.”
  • “Yessssssssss. This.”

Where are my highlights stored? I can’t find them

Other than on the story you highlighted, they aren’t anywhere at the moment. In our excitement to share this feature we wanted to get it out first and follow up by creating a home for your highlights. This is coming soon though, I assure you.

Is it OK to highlight your own stuff?

Sure. I mean… most people highlight other people’s stuff in order to tell them how great they think that bit is. But you can highlight your own stuff if you want to be that person.

Happy highlighting!




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Cara Meverden

Cara Meverden

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