This was originally written on July 17, 2014 and published on Hatch, our internal version of Medium. Read more about this collection at Inside Medium.

homepage experiments

The fundamental difference between Medium and any other blogging site is the network. So we say. But we need to work to make it a reality. When can we say that we are really adding value with our network of connected posts? When being on Medium has a noticeable, measurable, significant effect. For writers, this means writing on Medium consistently and noticeably sends you more traffic than you would get just posting on your own site. We can measure this with network TTR. For readers, this means Medium itself is a destination, not just the container for the post you read (and bounce from). This means wanting to go to Medium, on purpose. We can measure this with 3 in 7. To improve our 3 in 7 numbers, we recently discussed preventing churn: widening the gap between when you gain a new active 3 in 7 user, and when you lose them. This means going beyond just hoping they see a tweet every day with a Medium post they might want to read. This means giving them a reason to come back. Features that make the site feel fresh. Features that encourage the formation of the habit of typing into your browser every day.

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