Highlight responses and multiple drafts, now in the Medium iOS app

The latest version of Medium for Apple iOS is rolling out to an App Store near you, and has two big updates in it.

We continue to be very excited about highlights, and since launching earlier this year your highlights have made Medium come alive — creating a shared reading experience with your network by surfacing the most interesting parts of a story. But highlights can also be a jumping off point — a seed for other ideas, and a foundation upon which you can develop your own thoughts.

Starting today, you can respond to highlights in the Medium iOS app.

Picture yourself reading Medium on the train, bumping and jostling, and you encounter a passage that makes your mind race. It gets you thinking, and you want to build on it. Not when you get home. RIGHT NOW. Maybe it is already highlighted, or you highlight it yourself. Tap the highlight, choose the response icon, and let loose your thoughts, right from your iPhone or iPad.

Respond to any Highlight on Medium

Your highlight response is now an independent Medium post that includes the text of that highlight and a link back to the original story. Whether a casual thought or an inspired long-read, it can be shared, recommended, highlighted-upon, and responded to like any other Medium story. And anyone who reads your post can highlight and build on it, too. Imagine the possibilities.

Okay, so maybe that highlight sparked the idea and you started writing, but the post isn’t quite finished, and you’re not quite ready to publish. Maybe you have several other stories that you’re cultivating on your commute. Your creativity is overflowing!

The Medium iOS app now saves multiple drafts.

You can easily keep track of your drafts, continue editing at any time, and publish from your device whenever you’re ready. To access your drafts, just tap the writing icon at the top right of your Medium home stream and you’ll be taken in to the new drafts view:

Tap the compose icon to access your six drafts.

For now, mobile drafts are available only on your device — but (spoiler alert), we’re making it easy to sync your mobile drafts to medium.com in our next update. Stay tuned.

Download Medium for iOS now, and as always send us feedback at yourfriends@medium.com

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