Cover overview image with screenshots of the newly launched topic pages across Medium for the web and apps.

Discover more with updated Topic Pages

Uncover the best stories, lists, and more with Medium’s new topic pages.

Greg Dougherty
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3 min readJul 6, 2023


Following the new Explore topics page, which makes it easier for you to unlock the depth and breadth of stories on Medium, today we’re starting to roll out redesigned topic pages across Medium.

Our newly updated topic pages help you go deeper on the topics that matter to you by surfacing the most relevant, high-quality stories and lists on Medium. These pages help organize and curate the vast amounts of knowledge that lives on Medium.

Jump between related topics

There are so many useful topics on Medium, but sometimes finding a topic that matters to you can feel disconnected. Now, with a dedicated row of topics across the top of the page, you can quickly and easily bounce between connected and related topics, making discovering new topics that much easier.

Screenshots of new Topic pages for desktop web, fading between different possible topics you can view.

These topics contain both a mix of interests that are from the Explore topics page and ones relevant to you.

Recommending more for you

Recommended stories on topic pages condense and simplify the stories we think are most relevant for you, getting you access to the best stories, quickly. These stories are comprised of a combination of ingredients, including trending, Boosted, and what we previously called “Best.”

An example of recommended stories on a topic page (“Artificial Intelligence”) from the iOS and Android apps.

Lists are also a great way to go deep on a specific topic. You’ll now be able to see recommended lists on certain topic pages. These are currently hand-selected by Medium’s content and curation team.

The existing “Top writers” section has now become “Who to follow.” Eventually, this will also feature authors and publications in a topic that are a part of our Boost program and represent some of the highest quality writing on Medium. As a result, how we define “Top writer” is evolving, so we’re going to be removing the mention of “Top writer” from a person’s profile page while we do this work.

A human touch

A screenshot on desktop web, displaying an example of a curated list on a topic page.

Surfacing the highest quality stories sometimes requires a level of human curation. In order to unearth the most standout writing in a given topic, select topics will now include curated lists, with stories chosen explicitly by Medium’s content and curation team.

Try them out

Redesigned topic pages will start rolling out today on and the Medium app for iOS/iPadOS and Android.

Topic pages will continue to help build on Medium’s ability to organize and curate the best content, empowering you to go deep on topics that matter. Try out topics, like Technology, Self Improvement, or Marketing, and let us know what you think!