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Day 2: Medium at the RNC in Cleveland

Hello again from Cleveland, where the Medium team (Jack, Bridget, Matt and I) are on the ground and taking over the (mini) oval office.

Facebook’s Mini Oval Office at the GOP Convention

“Are we willing to elect someone as president who has as their role model somebody who acknowledges Lucifer?”

Ben Carson

So, it’s official: Trump is the nominee?

Yep, the deal is done. But now what? First it’s the coronation, then on to the battle royale. But the party’s still divided — there were more delegates against Trump than any nomination in the past 40 years, and #NeverTrump can’t quite give it up. It might rival Game of Thrones for the number of plot twists, but at least there are no dragons involved… so far.

And what about policy?

Tuesday’s theme was “Make America work again” — after all, the economy is what the whole GOP party platform is based on. But turns out the speakers weren’t quite finished talking about Hillary. Chris Christie presented “the facts”about Benghazi and Syria (although fact-checkers took a different angle) andturned the evening’s theme song into a chant of “Lock her up!” and “Guilty!”. What was clear by the end of the night: Donald is a fighter (according to UFC boss Dana White at least) and a supportive dad who knows how to sign a paycheck (according to his kids.)

What next?

Here’s what (and who) to expect on day three: Not-VP Newt Gingrich, Not-nominee Ted Cruz, and not-even-there Marco Rubio (he’s pre-recorded his contribution.)

Want these on-the-ground updates from the RNC & DNC? Be sure to follow The Roundup.




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