Connect to your Twitter network on Medium

We’ve made it easier to find writers you love

Rachel Williams
The Medium Blog


At Medium, we strive to give readers and writers a place to connect, build their network, and spark meaningful conversation. One way to support this is by connecting readers to writers they already know and love.

Users who connect their Twitter account will now be able to find people they follow on Twitter who are writing on Medium.

Want to connect? Follow these three steps:

  1. Go to the Control your recommendations page and click on the Following section.
  2. Click Connect to Twitter under the Suggestions tab.
  3. Sign in to your Twitter account to authorize the connection.

That’s it. Once you’ve connected, you’ll find a list of your Twitter connections to follow on Medium. If you’re already connected, you can skip these steps and go straight to the Customize your interests page to find your list. (Not yet available in our mobile apps)

Our team is working on a variety of ways to help writers build a strong following and connect readers to writers they love. You can expect to see more updates from us in support of this goal in the future.

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