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Boosting the boost

Updates for authors on Medium’s tools and Partner Program

Recent history

For the most part, boosting comes down to which stories we recommend. Medium does a lot of behind-the-scenes work to find and recommend quality content that’s tailored to each reader’s interests. In total, we make several billion such recommendations each month.

  • Increased weighting of recommendations for stories that people you follow clap for and highlight. This is a form of community recommendation.
  • Decreased weighting for stories that have no signal. Previously we had reserved some recommendations for stories that had no engagement but appeared high quality to our algorithms. In practice, this was shifting a lot of recommendations away from proven stories to unproven and often lower quality stories. Authors who promote their article through social media, through email, to their followers, and on publications are now more likely to get their article picked up for a boost.

The near future

Before I get into this, I think it’s worth saying: write what you want to write. I saw a blog post the other day titled, “What does Tony want you to write?” and it was totally misguided. We want to reward you for writing your best stuff, but only you know what that is.

  • We want boosting to lead to bigger rewards and bigger hits. That means more money and more page views for authors.
  • We’ve started several projects to organize the best of Medium. This is another form of boosting. Evergreen writing should get boosted well beyond the day it publishes.
  • I hate to say this, but also I hate not having said it: We will push back on bad faith behavior. I know the temptation for hacking a system is strong, but we want to boost great writing, not great growth hackers.



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