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Answering Your Questions on Curation

Iterating and improving Medium for you

Following up on our announcement last week:

As new questions arise, we’ll update the FAQ at the bottom of this page. One question that came up was around topics on the stats page. Why were they removed? From the FAQ:

We removed topics from the story stats page in order to reduce the focus on topics in distribution. Our recommendation engine uses several different signals to distribute relevant stories to readers. These signals include story popularity, stories previously read by the reader, and stories read by other readers with similar interests as the reader. Displaying only the topics on a post was incomplete. But we do appreciate that removing these notifications without replacing them was disorienting. We are working on lots of improvements to writing and distribution on Medium, including providing more information about how your stories are doing and why. Thanks for your patience.

One more thing — we’ve heard your feedback on author names on the homepage, and have made some updates which are rolling out. As always, your feedback is helpful in informing improvements.




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