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Year In Review

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This year is hard to explain. Writers on Medium made sense of it all.

It’s hard to say for sure. There are the obvious things. The ways our world, and our lives, changed — probably forever. Hundreds of moments watching our colleagues freeze up on video chat. Then, awkwardly trying to tell them, “You’re frozen.” That’s just the beginning.

People have always turned to Medium to better understand the world and each other, and this year was the ultimate testament to that. We came here to figure out exactly… what’s going on. To connect with writers who informed, enlightened, challenged, and moved us. To tell our stories. To feel less alone…

As the year comes to a close, we can (probably) agree on one thing: 2016 will not soon be forgotten. The world lost legends like David Bowie and Muhammad Ali, watched as athletes made history on the field and off, and put democracy under all the microscopes. But perhaps most notably, this year sent a message: Prepare to have some hard conversations.

In 2016, Medium became more than a platform — it became a place where people turned when it was time to have those hard conversations (okay, and some easy ones). Writers shared authentic, personal stories. Readers created tight-knit…

2015 was the year Medium found its voice. Actually, many voices. Not long ago, we passed 1 million posts on the site. If all goes well over the next few days, we will pass 2 million before the year is over.

We asked members of our staff to share some of the pieces that moved them the most in 2015, along with a bit of context on what made them special. It is hard to narrow down a list like this — there are too many great writers to choose from — so this is admittedly subjective. But it is…

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